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MLM Tax Helper - We all know there are huge tax benefits to being in the 'B' quadrant - this alone is reason enough to start a home based business. This software is specifically designed to make bookkeeping and tax preparation easy for network marketers.

Internet Law Compliance - If you hire an attorney to put together the necessary legal documents for your website, you're looking at a fairly significant chunk of change. If you don't bother with an attorney and just decide to do business without these documents, you're opening yourself up to being in violation of any one of a bazillion different government codes and regulations. This software generates all those forms for you and you just fill in the blanks. It also keeps you updated on the latest legal developments you need to be compliant with.

Hosting/Domain Registration - Having your own domain name is critical whether you have your own website or not. GoDaddy offers domain registration as well as hosting.

Host Gator - If you have your own blog you want to use your own hosting as well and this is the company that recommends for that.

Website Development

XSitePro - XsitePro is an incredibly powerful, full-blown web site development tool, perfect for beginners to website designers. It's incredibly easy to use, and gives you total control over your web site design.

Site Build It! - SBI is one of the most popular and respected companies in internet marketing and has a version of their website development package designed specifically for network marketers. They also offer a lot of marketing tools with their product that you won't get with other similar programs.


AWeber - When it comes to getting your emails delivered to your prospects (which is a MAJOR headache these days) Aweber does it better than anyone else.

1 Shopping Cart - 1shoppingcart also has an autoresponder which does NOT require a double opt-in like all the others. This can be nice when you have prospects that have already requested info from you and you don't want to make them jump through more hoops.


Google Analytics - If you DO have your own website and you don't have Google Analytics...get it! The stats and reporting features you have access to are amazing. You can see exactly how long the average visitor stays on each page of your site...the path they took once they got there...which pages are causing people to leave...and a whole lot more. Not to mention it's totally free.

Shopping Cart 

1 Shopping Cart - If you have your own website and you want to accept credit cards online, you're going to need a shopping cart. 1shoppingcart provides this as well as autoresponders, tracking software, merchant accounts and a lot more.

Contact Management

Oprius - A very user friendly web-based contact management system. It contains relationship building tools, calendar, phone manager, task manager, and much much more. This is definently worth checking out the free trial.

ACT! By Sage 2008 10.0 - When you start dealing with hundreds, even thousands of prospects and downline members, post-it notes and homemade excel spreadsheets just don't cut it anymore. ACT! is a professional contact management system that stores all your prospects contact info in one place...allows you to setup appointments...take notes on all your calls...and send out individual or group emails. I've used it for years and would be drowning without it.

Project Management

Basecamp - Having challenges keeping your growing team organized? If you need help getting your communications and data into one place, Basecamp, a project management solution, is a great tool and resource to manage your team systems.

Graphic Design

Killer Covers - The best in the biz when it comes to direct response graphic design. This is who we have do all the work for our websites and ads.

Merchant Accounts 

Fast Transact Online - Used and recommended by a lot of online businesses. 

Merchant Account Comparison Chart - This is a website I thought would be good to include. They've got a comparison chart of almost all the major online merchant accounts. Browse this site for more options.


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